Phosphor Nalaar

The Basics

Phosphor (Phos), 18, Louisiana, USA, it/its, gem/gemis/geminiself, bass singer, bassist, vocal performance major.


I'm a 17 year old trans-nb from Louisiana. I spend my days being mad online about a variety of different media, spending too much time analyzing little details to the point where I drive myself up the wall. I have DID and will occasionally have on of a few unnamed alters pop up and take the wheel during emotional breakdowns. I'm an avid fan of linguistics and religion and I'm a practicing Theistic Luciferian. I also have a deep love for singing and music and plan to major in vocal performance at college. I infrequently write blogs on my website linked above and plan to launch a podcast with the script for episode one currently in a near finished rough draft.


  • You support Contrapoints (I have elaborated my stance on her on my blog)
  • You follow normal DFI criteria.
  • If certain things I like or are interested in (occult, homestuck, black metal) makes you uncomfortable or triggers you.
  • You are aphobic.
  • You are islamophobic.
  • You don't support he/him or they/them lesbians

System Information

Our system goes by the name of "Phosphor". We flip between singular I and plural we as our pronouns of choice. We kinda co-front. Our headmates are weird and wonky and we just play it by ear.

Kin Shit

  • due to recent exodus from the homestuck community this is now WIP

Doubles still chill tho


Bolds are comfort ships.

  • Jun/Zana (Path of Exile)
  • Chandra/Nissa
  • Nahiri/Arlinn
  • Chandra/Jaya/Nissa
  • Liliana/Kaya
  • Ajani/Elspeth